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We partner with FMSC so that every order you place donates meals to children around the world who go to bed hungry in hard-to-reach areas.

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To Fight For The Cause

With FMSC's mobile packs, and your support we can feed and focus hungry children with extra meals for a whole year! We strive to get there by donating a meal with each piece we make.

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Not Just Feed, Inspire Them

With A Vision For Better Future!

As we make your gifts by hand, our process of securing raw material and supplies by ethical sourcing of the pure metals through our parter; They mine in regions with many children in need, and we work together to support these communities by helping the local families create long term work opportunities.

We started this initiative when we chose our exclusive partner for all base materials, once we confirmed their ethical business practices and learned about their involvement in the local community, which also inspired us to start our free planet green initiative.

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