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How We Craft The Perfect Piece?

How We Craft The Perfect Piece?

How We Craft The Perfect Piece?

With an intricate element of luxury, free handmade inspiration adds a beautiful touch to jewelry. We use semi-precious metals and non-tarnish stainless steel, silver, and gold to craft brilliance while preserving quality and the finer details (which we'll get into) but first!

What Base Metals do We Use?

We only use hypoallergenic metals, which means no nickel-green fingers. We handcraft jewelry in .925 sterling silver, solid-gold, rose-gold, and gold-plated or non-tarnish stainless steel as base metal. 

How We Make The Perfectly Affordable Stainless Steel Jewelry

Inspiration is guilt-free! We apply this principle to everything we make to add the perfect finish! And not without our guilt-free prices, which never stand between you and your heart's desire!

But how can we make the perfect, uncompromising quality without having to add to the price? That's where our unique way of making jewelry from non-tarnish stainless steel comes in—ethically sourced and carbon-offset by our free inspiration green initiative.

But not all Stainless Steel is created equal. It varies remarkably depending on composition. Well-made alloys are bonded with copper and zinc. Others may include lead or nickel. With the latter of the two known to be culprit behind green fingers, we pride ourselves in our hypoallergenic and nickel-free jewelry.

In fact we only source a pure copper and zinc blend that's the perfect ratio mix of Stainless Steel to metal. We continuously try different metals to put our own to the test, ensuring you always get the one that breaks the mold!


What about 14K Gold?

14 Karat gold is 14/24 or 58.3% Gold. Used in nearly 90% of Gold rings, the remaining 41.7% similarly contains metal alloys. Gold and rose gold possess different alloy mixes, which explains their colors. Building upon our proficiency using semi-precious metals, we make optimal grade 14K gold jewelry by avoiding lower grade metal alloys and opting for a precise mixture of pure Gold alloyed in copper or zinc instead. 

We are honored to ethically source pure stainless steel, gold and silver from the same regions where many hard-to-reach communities benefit from our continued workmanship as we craft guilt-free presents and donate a meal with every gift to inspire children to say yes to their dreams!

.925 Sterling Silver

While we use stainless steel in many of our jewelry and encourage you to try our fine blend, we know that some of you with sensitive skin prefer silver. Since pure silver is very soft and broken easily, its "purest cousin" in jewelry crafting, which comes as functional as it is brilliant, measures 92.5% silver, with the remaining 7.5% made from copper. In addition to 14k gold, you may also find them as an add-on option for many of your favorite pieces!


Notable Mentions

Our passion is to craft free inspiration in presents you fall in love with! From the moment you set eyes on the perfect gift, it captures your imagination. It instills certain emotions in you—that feeling of joy a handcrafted and hand-picked design that makes your extra special gift for her. 

To top off the base metals and make a rare beauty in designs you adore, we use resin, crystals, acrylics, and more, as shown in every category’s details. 

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