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A Sweet Valentine's Week Giveaway!

A Sweet Valentine's Week Giveaway!

A Sweet Valentine's Week Giveaway! - Closed!

 *Giveaway closed! The Winners!

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It's the second month of the year with a lot to be excited about! There’s so much love in the air and loads of fun to be had! Year of the Tiger, anyone?

We're setting the mood this month with the perfect blend of sweetness and inspiration you must let yourself indulge in—for free! 


Now it's that time again, so you're on for February Giveaway!

*And since it's valentine's week, we will be treating one more winner (for a new total of four Winners) to one of our sweet tooth favorites!* 

As our artisan-baker, Lia from @littledolcini makes the tastiest personalized cakes and cookie boxes, vegan and gluten-free, of course! Now first!

*There Are Now Four Prize Packages For Four Lucky Winners!*

- Golden Inspired Jewelry: Earrings & Necklace 

- Golden Flowers Inspired Jewelry: Earrings & Necklace 

- Foodie Earrings And Handbag

- A Whole Chocolate Chip/Your Choice Cookie Box (Dozen Cookies Inside), and if you reside in San Diego, you get a personalized Bento Cake by @littledolcini!


Giveaway Duration

- Starts on Tuesday, Feb 15, and Ends on Tuesday, Feb 22.


How To Enter The Giveaway 

1. Enter your email at the top of this blog post (skip if you received the  giveaway announcement by email)

2. Follow @Froppinshop

3. Follow @Littledolcini


How Are Winners Selected?

The four winners are selected randomly from all entries.

Once picked, you'll get an email requesting an address where we'll mail your gifts! Expect to get our announcement by Tuesday, Feb 22.



And That's Not All!

- Everyone who enters this sweet Valentine's week giveaway gets at least one more present! Stay tuned for our announcement for more!



Giveaway Announcement

- This Giveaway will run for seven days. Keep an eye out on Tuesday, Feb 22, for an email announcing the winners and more!







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